Carbon Performance Analysis Kit for ARM Cortex-R7 Processor

Carbon Design Systems introduced the Carbon Performance Analysis Kit (CPAK) for the ARM Cortex-R7 processor. The Carbon Performance Analysis Kit helps architects and engineers start early performance and power analysis, and reduces the time to market and minimizes the risk of a complete redesign. The Cortex-R7 CPAK and model are available now for download from the Carbon IP Exchange web portal.

The CPAK and model enable real-time development of embedded systems. They are now available for all users of its SoCDesigner Plus.

Carbon CPAKs enable performance analysis, pre-silicon software development and accurate system benchmarking. The newly announced CPAK features the Cortex-R7 processor, ARM’s high-performance, dual-core, real-time solution for the most advanced embedded applications.

In addition, it also contains models for the ARM PL301 interconnect as well as an ARM PL011 UART to enable serial communications. Bare-metal software is included as well to configure the system, execute example code and demonstrate functionality within minutes of download.

Source code is provided for all software and system components to enable quick and easy customization and optimization. Users of Carbon’s SoCDesigner Plus virtual prototype can compile and configure their own Cortex-R7 model on Carbon IP Exchange to either customize the CPAK or start their own design.

All virtual models contained in the CPAK are 100% accurate and compiled from register transfer level (RTL) code provided by ARM. Instrumentation has been added to the models to enable interactive software debugging, performance profiling and architectural optimization.

More info: Carbon Design Systems