Breker Verification Systems Debuts New Graphical User Interface for TrekSoC

Breker Verification Systems TrekSoC

Breker Verification Systems introduced an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) for TrekSoC. The software automatically generates self-verifying and synchronized C test cases to run on an SoC’s multiple heterogeneous embedded processors for faster and more thorough verification. TrekBox comes standard with TrekSoC and is available now.

The new GUI enables engineers to see easily what’s happening in the complex test cases generated by TrekSoC. The tool produces multiple streams of real-world user scenarios and schedules the steps so that they cross threads and processors. Since these intertwined test cases are hard to follow, the new GUI features show clearly how the streams are scheduled across threads and how each is making progress in simulation. The GUI is part of TrekBox, the module of TrekSoC responsible for coordinating C test cases with activity in the testbench.

For example, a dual-processor digital camera SoC may have some user scenarios that must be able to run in parallel. TrekSoC will generate a test case for the user scenario to read an existing JPEG-encoded image from a USB port on one thread of the first processor. The test case will then decode the image on a thread of the second processor and display it on a screen using a different thread of the original processor.

TrekSoC will generate other parallel user scenarios within the same test case as specified by the scenario model that describes the SoC’s functionality. Another scenario might capture a camera image, display it on a second screen, encode it to JPEG, and store the result on an SD card.

If the digital camera functionality is embedded within a smart phone, TrekSoC will generate a test case with even more user scenarios scheduled in parallel across all threads on all processors. It could process an incoming cellular call at the same time that an email message is arriving on the wireless Ethernet interface, just as an alarm goes off. Only through such stressful test cases can a complex SoC be adequately verified before fabrication.

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