AWR Connected for Zuken RF Verification Flow for PCB Design

AWR Connected for Zuken RF Verification Flow for PCB Design

AWR and Zuken launched AWR Connected for Zuken. The RF verification flow provides a pathway from Zuken’s CR-8000 Design Force PCB design software into AWR’s Microwave Office high-frequency simulation software. AWR Connected for Zuken is available now from AWR. CR-8000 Design Force PCB design suite is available from Zuken.

AWR Connected for Zuken is a RF printed circuit board verification flow that simplifies the PCB design process. It reduces design cycles by enabling designers to quickly and easily simulate and verify embedded RF functionality.

AWR Connected for Zuken enables an intelligent, collaborative design flow for RF design and verification on the PCB. Engineers now have flexibility to bring in an entire design, or select specific RF signals and other design structures to conduct electromagnetic EM) analysis. This saves time and effort for designers who work with non-intelligent conductive data formats by eliminating the need to remodel before simulating.

The solution works by extracting user-specified data from the Zuken platform, generating a 3Di file output, and then importing the 3Di data into Microwave Office for further EM simulation with any one of AWR’s solutions: ACE automated circuit extraction, AXIEM 3D planar EM analysis, or Analyst 3D finite element method (FEM) EM analysis.

AWR Connected for Zuken Features

  • Export RF PCB layout data from Zuken CR-8000
  • Specify layers and shape types
  • Import layout into the AWR Design Environment
  • Full dielectric and conductor material definition transfer
  • Simulate for performance/verification
  • Circuit simulation within Microwave Office software
  • Electromagnetic analysis within ACE, AXIEM, or Analyst modules

More info: AWR Connected for Zuken