Wibu-Systems Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter Supports VxWorks

Wibu-Systems launched their Embedded Development Kit for CodeMeter with VxWorks support. The EDK provides complete IP protection, secure boot and embedded license management. The Wibu-Systems Embedded Development Kit is an out-of-the-box solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The kit is ideal for medical devices, process controllers, and kiosks.

The Wibu-Systems EDK features CodeMeter Runtime for Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system, CodeMeter AxProtector protection tools integrated with Wind River Eclipse-based Workbench, and the smart card powered security CmDongles, namely CmStick/M, CmCard/µSD and CmStck/C, all hardware form factors relying on the award winning CodeMeter technology.

The CmStick/M comes with a preloaded bootable Linux distribution along with the tools for PC developers. The CmCard/µSD includes the image of VxWorks and the applications for the target board. The CmStick/C contains the license for additional features of the target board. The Emerson Network Power NITX-315 is a Nano-ITX embedded motherboard, featuring the Intel Atom processor E6xx series, with low power consumption and passive cooling capability.

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