Altium Designer 2013 Helps Create Next Generation Electronic Designs

Altium Designer 2013

Altium introduced Altium Designer 2013. The latest release of the tool includes a set of new PCB features, and fixes to core Schematic and PCB tools. Altium Designer 2013 also opens up the DXP platform. The EDA tool makes it easier for engineers to create next generation electronic designs. Altium Designer 2013 is now available for download.

With Altium Designer 2013, housekeeping of vault data through the Vaults panel (formerly the Vault Explorer panel) is easier. Engineers can now multi-select folders or Items and either move that selection, or delete it. The Release Manager dialog (formerly the Component Release Manager dialog) now supports batch releasing of schematic sheets. In addition, when connecting to a Satellite Vault, the concept of using Alternate Credentials has been removed. Now streamlined and simplified, simply sign-in to connect to the vault using your AltiumLive credentials.

Altium Designer 2013 Features

  • New home page redesign with new views and sub-views into license management, plug-ins and updates, and Workspace view
  • Hyperlink text support in schematic documents
  • Enhanced customization of schematic ports
  • Microchip Touch Controls Support
  • New “silk-to-solder” mask clearance rule
  • Vault-defined supply chain information in BOM
  • PCB object and Layer transparency settings
  • Project document previews
  • Component parameters in Smart PDF output
  • Outline vertices editor for PCB Polygon Pours and Regions

More info: Cavium OCTEON Development Kits