Cavium Introduces Software Development Kit 3

Cavium Software Development Kit 3 (SDK 3) commercial software development environment for OCTEON processors

Cavium introduced Software Development Kit 3 (SDK 3), which is a new commercial software development environment for all OCTEON processors. SDK 3 is based on the same Linux 3.4 that both MontaVista and Wind River have chosen for their distributions, which will make porting of applications significantly easier. The main SDK 3 for OCTEON II is available now to early access customers.

Software Development Kit 3 features a fully integrated Carrier Grade quality Linux 3.x distribution and bare metal software capabilities that can take advantage of the wide range of hardware accelerators included in OCTEON processors.

OCTEON SDK 3 includes options to sign up for commercial grade support with guaranteed response times, time to initial workaround and time to final resolution, all specified as part of a commercial service level agreement. Both Annual Unlimited and Annual per Incident packages are available and include maintenance and security patch streams.

OCTEON Software Development Kit Features

  • Common SDK with broad support across all OCTEON families of processors
  • Latest Linux Kernel, device drivers and Tools – 3.4 Kernel, GCC 4.7, GDB 7.4
  • Advanced user space application layer
  • Extended Virtualization support — LXC Container and LibVirt
  • Simple Executive libraries, sample code and tools – bare metal operating system
  • Yocto Project Build Toolsor rpm build system
  • Cycle Accurate Simulator for OCTEON
  • LTTng — Tracing Tools
  • Real Time Linux support
  • Eclipse based IDE FastStart program – includes 5 seat license

More info: Cavium OCTEON Development Kits