ProPlus Design Solutions Debuts 9812D Wafer-level Noise Measurement System

ProPlus Design Solutions 9812D wafer-level, 1/f noise measurement system

ProPlus Design Solutions introduced the 9812D wafer-level, 1/f noise measurement system. The 9812D features highly accurate measurement, a frequency range that exceeds 10 Megahertz (MHz), built-in dynamic signal analyzer (DSA), and multi-threaded processing. ProPlus Design Systems is accepting orders now for 9812D. The products will start shipping in March.

The 9812D noise measurement system is ideal for wafer fabs and circuit designers. The 9812D integrates DSA, and eliminates the need for expensive external signal processing equipment. This reduces the up-front investment, set-up risk and time. The ProPlus 9812D system enables fast, accurate data collection in the range of 1hertz (Hz) to 10MHz, making the generation of accurate statistical noise models practical.

The 9812D low-frequency 1/f noise measurement system is designed to measure low-frequency noise characteristics of on-wafer or packaged semiconductor devices, including MOSFETs, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), junction field effect transistors (JFETs), diodes and diffusion resistors. In addition to frequency domain measurement, 9812D can measure device noise in the time domain and can be used to perform on-wafer auto measurement for flicker (1/f) noise and Radom Telegraph Signal (RTS) analyses.

9812D NoiseProPlus 1/f Noise Measurement System Highlights

  • Proven system architecture inherited from 9812A/B
  • Industry’s only system with multiple built-in voltage and current LNAs, with the lowest noise floor and highest resolution in a wide frequency range
  • Enables the highest possible measurement accuracy for different measurement requirements
  • Industry’s lowest 1/f frequency corner at below 100Hz, giving 100X+ wider dynamic range than others for 1-1KHz measurement
  • Reliable on-wafer high accuracy noise measurement for true wide frequency bandwidth up to 10MHz without roll off
  • The only system that can take up to 100V from the SMU for high voltage and/or low current (<0.1µA) biases
  • Record high measurement throughput, 3-10 times better than the previous 9812B NoisePro system
  • Fast charging circuitry, parallel data processing, and support formulti-die, multi-device, multi-bias and multi-type noise measurement
  • Auto measurement for 1/f noise and massive repetitive RTS data
  • Tightly integrated DSA for improved measurement efficiency, better data quality and reduced hardware integration cost
  • Re-designed system for better DUT protection and fast system stabilization

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