Real Intent Introduces New Version of Meridian Constraints

Real Intent Meridian Constraints

Real Intent introduced the latest version of their Meridian Constraints product for comprehensive design constraint management. This new software release features enhanced speed, analysis and SystemVerilog language support. The new release of Meridian Constraints is available now. Pricing depends on product configuration.

New Meridian Constraints Features

  • Constraints equivalency checks for top-level versus block-level of design to ensure that block-level constraints have been aggregated correctly in the complete design, or that constraints are correctly propagated downward for individual block verification
  • An enhanced timing exceptions verification engine with greater speed and coverage
  • Significant enhancements to the SystemVerilog support and associated error handling
  • Verdi3 integration — the industry-leading debug platform from Synopsys (formerly SpringSoft)

Meridian Constraints offers high-performance constraint validation, constraints template generation, coverage analysis, equivalence checking and timing exception verification capabilities for timing constraints employed across all phases of the synthesis and implementation flow.

Meridian Constraints provides the design automation software to meet the needs of design teams to create, manage, and verify all of the SDC. It ensures the SDC completely covers the design, correctly matches the functional and timing goals and is consistent between different blocks and levels in the design. Having correct and complete constraints and associated clock definitions ensures timing goals are met. It enables correct clock domain crossing analysis, resulting in ultimate confidence for users, and successful low-power and X-verification flows.

More info: Real Intent Meridian Constraints