National Instruments Shares Automated Test Outlook for 2013

National Instruments published their 2013 Automated Test Outlook. The report highlights the latest test and measurement technologies and methodologies. The research examines trends affecting industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications and transportation.

The Automated Test Outlook 2013 report is based on input from academic and industry research, user forums and surveys, business intelligence and customer advisory board reviews. Engineers and managers can use the report to take advantage of the latest strategies and best practices for optimizing any test organization.

NI Automated Test Outlook 2013 Topics

  • Test Economics
    New investment models force test departments to rethink the way they measure success
  • Big Analog Data
    Industry leaders leverage IT infrastructures and analytic tools to make faster decisions on test data
  • Software-Centric Ecosystems
    Open, software-centric ecosystems greatly impact the value derived from automated test systems
  • Test Software Quality
    Engineers use software development best practices to ensure test system reliability for complex systems
  • Moore’s Law Meets RF
    New technology and instrumentation platforms drive up performance and drive down the cost of RF test equipment

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