PLS Universal Debug Engine 4.0 Supports Multicore Targets

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 4.0

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme released version four of their Universal Debug Engine (UDE). UDE 4.0 features improved debug capabilities for multicore targets, optimized visualization options during system test and dedicated support for the latest 32-bit multicore System-On-Chips (SOCs). UDE 4.0 now supports microcontrollers (MCUs) for the Infineon AURIX family, Freescale Qorivva MPC57XX family, and STMicroelectronics SPC57x family.

PLS UDE 4.0 Features

  • Cores and functional units can now be specifically selected for debugging
  • Debugger window tabs and toolbars are core-specifically colored
  • Visibility groups for windows of individual cores or freely according to user requirements definable collections of debugger views
  • New names (alias) can be assigned freely for the window titles
  • Newly implemented multicore / multiprogram loader enables the separate loading of memory images and symbolic information from the output files of the compiler, specifically for each individual core
  • Enables the synchronization of two or more cores to so-called run control groups in order to define common start and stop or common individual step
  • New multicore trace framework for conventional troubleshooting on the basis of the recorded data
  • Various statistical analyses such as profiling analysis and code coverage
  • Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) was enhanced for multicore architectures and support of the Signal Processing Unit (SPU) from Freescale
  • Kernel awareness for Keil / ARM RTX in accordance with the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS)supports the current embedded Linux versions 3.x with kernel and application debugging

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