Tensilica Debuts HiFi Mini Digital Signal Processor IP Core

Tensilica announced their HiFi Mini DSP IP core. According to the company, the digital signal processor core is the smallest, lowest power DSP IP core supporting always listening voice trigger and speech command modes. The HiFi Mini DSP IP core will be available in March 2013. The core is ideal for smartphones, tablets, appliances, and automotive applications.

Tensilica optimized the HiFi Mini DSP core to be as small and power efficient as possible for voice trigger and voice recognition. The company optimized the core in two major ways. First, the IP core uses compact 40-bit encoding, which significantly improves code size. Second, Tensilica added efficient 16-bit instructions that are optimized for voice and audio codecs. The result is a post-route core that’s only 0.039 mm2 in 28 nm HPL.

Tensilica is currently working with Sensory and other software partners to provide the voice-activation, speech command recognition, voice pre-processing and noise reduction products optimized on the HiFi Mini DSP.

According to Tensilica, power is the single most important factor in enabling always-on listening capability in mobile devices. Using Sensory’s Truly Handsfree voice control technology, HiFi Mini is able to achieve less than 88 uW of power for the core in 28 nm HPL, achieving both the lowest power consumption and uncompromising accuracy for speech recognition.

More info: Tensilica