XJTAG 3.0 Boundary Scan Development System

XJTAG 3.0 boundary scan development system

XJTAG released the latest version of their boundary scan development system. Engineers can intuitively learn how to use XJTAG 3.0 without attending lengthy and expensive training courses. The new XJTAG Development System is now available on a 30-day free trial.

XJTAG 3.0 works faster and more intuitively. According to the company, the tool is the smartest testing solution for programmers and engineers. Crucial development tools such as XJAnalyser and XJDeveloper have been upgraded to run more effectively, maximizing the opportunity for high work efficiency and productivity. XJTAG 3.0 features run-time enhancements that boost the speed of XJEase testing and device programming in XJDeveloper and XJRunner.

XJAnalyser can now be used as an integrated function in XJDeveloper as well as in its standalone form. XJAnalyser can use the knowledge contained in an XJDeveloper project: netlist information, constant pin settings, etc. This sets up a helpful program symbiosis previously unavailable. XJAnalyser can open XJDeveloper and XJRunner projects, while XJDeveloper can access the full functionality of XJAnalyser.

The JTAG Chain Debugger is now integrated into XJDeveloper. The general functionality of the whole software package has been incorporated into one streamlined system and made easier to apply to the test and development of electronic boards. As a result, the tool is now even quicker for engineers to understand and implement.

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