Real Time Logic Web Tools Integrate with Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS

Real Time Logic’s web application development tools are now fully integrated and available for use with Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system. The web tools include Real Time Logic’s Barracuda Application Server. Real Time Logic’s web protocols enable users of INTEGRITY-based devices to develop secure, full-featured, interoperable networked services.

The integration between INTEGRITY RTOS and Real Time Logic’s web tools enable fast, graphically rich, and interactive web applications. The integration reduces in development and production cost while improving time-to-market. The integrated products are ideal for security and safety-critical, resource-constrained devices targeting industrial control, military and medical.

The Real Time Logic products are available directly from Green Hills Software pre-integrated and validated with the INTEGRITY real-time operating system and include the following:

  • Barracuda Application Server
  • Barracuda Web Server
  • SharkSSL SSL/TLS client/server
  • PikeHTTP client
  • Micro Server

Barracuda Application Server is a complete suite of embedded web application tools for device web server development, connectivity, and security. Real Time Logic’s family of development tools includes the Barracuda Application Server, Barracuda Web Server, SharkSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, PikeHTTP client and Micro Server to help you build device-oriented and secure remote application and management systems. All of Real Time Logic’s products are ported to and available for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY real-time operating system.

INTEGRITY is a secure real-time operating system intended for use in embedded systems that require maximum reliability. Without the burden of compatibility with 1980s vintage products, INTEGRITY RTOS was designed from the ground up for unprecedented levels of reliability, availability, and security for a broad range of applications, including mobile devices, avionics, industrial control, automotive electronics, networking gear, and medical devices. INTEGRITY RTOS’ strict adherence to provable resource requirements allows an embedded system designer to guarantee resource availability. Unlike other memory protected operating systems, INTEGRITY does not sacrifice real-time performance for security and protection.

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