Excel Software Launches LicenseCard for Software Protection

Excel Software LicenseCard 1.0 for Software Protection

Excel Software introduced LicenseCard. The software tool for Mac and Windows enables developers to create applications, plugins, protected documents and other types of commercial software. LicenseCard 1.0 is priced at $395 for either Mac or Windows computers or $690 for both platforms. The software includes royalty-free runtime distribution rights for any number of protected products or licenses.

LicenseCard provides developers and customers with a very simple, non-intrusive way to instantly activate purchased software. It supports two license types, a Simple License and a Computer Unique License. During the purchase process, a LicenseCard image file is generated. That image includes customer specific data like name, phone number, email address and Serial Number that uniquely identifies that customer and license.

For a Simple License, the LicenseCard can activate the protected application on any number of computers. A customer will be reluctant to distribute their LicenseCard containing personal information to other users. That can reduce the risk of piracy.

For a Computer Unique License, the LicenseCard instantly activates the protected application on a fixed number of computers using the Internet accessible Safe Activation server. Computers without Internet access are detected and the customer is presented with a manual activation process that can be completed in minutes.

LicenseCard includes a runtime library used by the protected software. The protected software calls the runtime with an activation or validation command. Commands in the runtime library can be called from virtually any programming language as illustrated by examples in C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Delphi, RealBasic and Visual Basic.

Excel Software LicenseCard Features

  • Create Simple License with image drop activation and no Internet access
  • Create Secure Computer Unique License with image drop activation
  • Create Customer Unique LicenseCards from LicenseCard application
  • Automatically generate and send LicenseCard to customer with safe activation
  • Use LicenseCard with AppProtect, DocProtect or AddLicense without programming
  • Use LicenseCard with QuickLicense or QLRT Xcode with full API programming
  • Distribute unlimited protected products with royalty-free runtime
  • Show product image or company logo in customized LicenseCard images

More info: Excel Software LicenseCard