Mentor Graphics Verification Academy Features Coverage Cookbook

Mentor Graphics Verification Academy Coverage Cookbook

Mentor Graphics has made improvements to the Verification Academy. One of the new enhancements in the Verification Academy is the Coverage Cookbook. The Coverage Cookbook is a systematic methodology for developing functional coverage models and coverage-driven processes. The Mentor Verification Academy is a comprehensive resource for verification engineers, and provides access to information and online training on advanced functional verification technologies.

The Coverage Cookbook features a methodology focused on coverage that complements the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), which is an industry standard verification methodology that has gained a significant following over the last several years. The Coverage Cookbook is a series of online linked articles designed to help engineers master the methodology and process required to effectively adopt a coverage-driven verification flow.

Mentor Graphics Coverage Cookbook Features

  • A foundation of understanding on the various types of coverage metrics available today, and how to effectively use them
  • A repeatable process for creating functional coverage models distilled from a specification
  • Real-world examples used to demonstrate the functional coverage modeling process

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