Corelis Debuts Version 1.23 of I2C Exerciser Software

Corelis I2C Exerciser Software

Corelis introduced version 1.23 of I2C Exerciser software. The tool improves the capabilities of Corelis’ BusPro-I and CAS-1000-I2C/E bus analyzer products. The new software upgrade is available free to registered owners of the Corelis BusPro-I and CAS-1000-I2C/E products. A trial version of the software is also available to new users.

The I2C Exerciser software enables users to generate I2C traffic, non-intrusively listen to and record all I2C bus traffic, and display real-time data in both state and waveform timing windows — all concurrently using a single instrument. Advanced software capabilities include master and slave emulation, a scripting language to control test sequences, and signal parametric measurements.

I2C Exerciser Software, Version 1.23 Features

  • Repeatable trigger conditions
  • Additional slave addressing options for buses with no 10bit address slaves
  • Signal waveforms can be printed directly from the Monitor interface
  • New I2C parameters now available for measurement in the Parameter Scope
  • Discrete I/O signal timing is now included in exported timing files
  • Additional application programming interface examples including Python and National Instruments LabVIEW
  • This release has been verified to run on Windows 8

More info: Corelis I2C Exerciser Software