Webinar: Is High Power the Right LED Choice For Your Application?

Newark element14 and Lumex are hosting a live webinar next week. The free webcast is titled, Is High Power the Right LED Choice For Your Application? The online seminar will take place on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 12 noon CST. An on-demand version of the webinar will be availalbe after November 15, 2012 on the element14 engineering community.

While high brightness LEDs offer numerous benefits, there are also times when engineers should consider using standard LED technology in their product designs. The webcast will highlight these applications and explain how comparable brightness can be achieved, in addition to high performance and cost savings.

The webinar will be presented by Dwight Turner, Lumex Technology Design Specialist. Turner who holds a MBA and BS in Electrical Engineering and a BE in Mechanical Engineering.

Is High Power the Right LED Choice For Your Application? Webinar

Without a doubt, developments in high-power LEDs represent one of the most significant and impactful innovations to hit the lighting technology industry in recent years. High-power or high brightness LEDs, loosely defined as LEDs with at least 1-watt capacity, have invigorated the lighting industry by offering unparalleled benefits in terms of lighting performance, energy efficiency, durability and cost savings.

However, while the numerous benefits of high-power LED technology have been rightfully celebrated in industry publications and reflected in the rapidly expanding high-power catalogues of Lumex and other leading suppliers, it is important to note that high-power is not necessarily the best choice for every light technology application. In fact, there are many situations where standard LED technology can provide comparable brightness performance while generating significant cost, design and performance benefits.

The focus of this discussion will help illuminate key considerations to think through when deciding if standard LED or high-power LED lighting is the best choice for your product design.

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