AWR Debuts Analyst Parallelized 3D FEM EM Simulation and Analysis Software

AWR Analyst parallelized 3D finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulation and analysis software

AWR launched Analyst, which is a parallelized 3D finite element method (FEM) electromagnetic (EM) simulation and analysis software. It is seamlessly and fully integrated within the AWR Design Environment. Analyst lets you move from circuit concept to full 3D EM verification with a single mouse click. With 3D EM and circuit analysis in one integrated workflow, engineers can spend their time designing and optimizing for performance.

Analyst is ideal for circuit designers who need to rely upon 3D FEM EM analysis for both the design and verification of circuits prior to manufacture. It is now possible to seamlessly include 3D EM simulation in critical circuit simulations such as optimization, tuning, sensitivity, and yield analysis, and even non-linear circuit simulation using harmonic balance. Analyst’s ease-of-use and minimal simulation setup time coupled with the elimination of manual drawing means maximum EM accuracy with minimal overhead.

AWR Analyst Features

  • Seamless integration with Microwave Office software
  • Proprietary FEM full-wave technology (direct and iterative solvers)
  • 3D volumetric meshing (tetrahedron-based)
  • Domain and spectral decomposition
  • Numerous source/excitations
  • Thin and thick metal options
  • Finite dielectrics (IC packaging/PCB edges)
  • 3D parameterized layout cells (PCells)
  • Parametric studies, optimization, tuning, and yield analysis
  • 3D visualization, animation, and post-processing
  • Support for 64-bit PC platform, multi-core configurations, and asynchronous simulation

More info: AWR Analyst 3D FEM Electromagnetic Analysis (pdf)