Cadence Design Systems Debuts Allegro v16.6 Printed Circuit Board

Cadence Design Systems ~ Allegro printed circuit board tool suite

Cadence Design Systems launched version 16.6 of their Allegro printed circuit board technology. The PCB tool is the first electrical CAD (ECAD) team collaboration environment for PCB design using Microsoft SharePoint technology. Cadence Allegro, integrated with SharePoint, improves team collaboration, design creation and control, and significant productivity improvements. Allegro v16.6 will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Allegro v16.6 accelerates timing closure for high-speed interfaces by 30% to 50%. The tool enables enhanced miniaturization capabilities for embedding dual-sided and vertical components, timing-aware physical implementation and verification that accelerate timing closure, and improved ECAD and mechanical CAD (MCAD) co-design.

The Cadence Allegro 16.6 tool suite continues to leverage the latest manufacturing advances in embedding active and passive components to address the specific design requirements associated with ever shrinking board size. Components can now be embedded vertically on an inner layer of a PCB leveraging the Z-axis, which greatly reduces X- and Y-axis real estate on the board.

Allegro v16.6 accelerates timing aware physical implementation through Auto-interactive Delay Tuning (AiDT). Auto-interactive Delay Tuning decreases the time to meet timing constraints on advanced standards-based interfaces, such as DDR3, by 30%-50%. AiDT enables engineers to rapidly adjust the timing of critical high-speed signals on an interface-by-interface basis, or apply it at byte-lane level, reducing the need to tune the traces on a PCB from days to hours. The EMA Timing Designer, integrated with the Allegro PCB SI capability, helps designers quickly achieve timing-closure on critical high-speed signals.

More info: Cadence Allegro 16.6