Analog Devices Debuts CrossCore Embedded Studio for Blackfin and SHARC Processors

Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for Blackfin and SHARC processors

Analog Devices launched the CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) software development platform for their Blackfin and SHARC processors. CCES offers Blackfin and SHARC developers a C/C++ and assembly editing environment with plug-in support for drivers and services including Ethernet, USB, algorithmic software modules, operating system, and file system. CCES provides easy to use, integrated multicore development and debug features. CCES licenses are available at several levels. A single-user node locked license is priced at $995.

CCES was created using the industry standard open source Eclipse environment to enable access to both proprietary and open source tools and technologies that reduce product development cycles and decrease time to market.

The integrated development environment supports Micrium’s embedded software components such as µC/OS-IIITM Real-Time Kernel, µC/USB Device Stack and µC/FS File System. This gives software developers access to an industry-leading RTOS that was developed using Micrium’s stringent development process for robust operation and meets its strict coding standards with clear and concise documentation.

CrossCore Embedded Studio Features

  • Eclipse based integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Exceptional multi-core development and debug support
  • Outstanding code generation tools, including Compilers, Assemblers, Linker, and Loader
  • Mature algorithm libraries
  • Improved system services and device drivers
  • Easy integration with a family of software add-ins, including RTOS, TCP/IP Stack, USB Stack, and File System
  • Compatibility with a variety of development hardware, including multi-core processing boards, and extender cards supporting audio and video capture, processing, and display
  • Supports all Blackfin and SHARC processor families, with the exception of ADSP-BF535 and ADSP-210xx

More info: Analog Devices