SynaptiCAD Introduces SimSwapper Simulator Swapper Tool

SynaptiCAD SimSwapper simulator swapper and command line options translator tool

SynaptiCAD introduced SimSwapper, which is a simulator swapper and command line options translator tool. The EDA tool enables engineers to re-use simulation regression scripts with simulators from multiple EDA vendors. SimSwapper reduces the burden of swapping between simulators from different EDA vendors. A one-year license for SimSwapper with SystemVerilog support is regularly priced at $500. However, for a limited time, the tool can be purchased for a promotional price of $350. SimSwapper is available on Windows and Linux platforms.

Simulation regression tests often launch multiple compilation, elaboration, and simulation runs with various vendor-specific command-line options. Even when a company only uses one simulator in-house, it frequently receives IP written to compile with another simulator. SynaptiCAD’s SimSwapper automatically translates the command-line options from one simulator vendor to the equivalent options of an alternate EDA vendor. This enables drop-in replacement of the original simulator with the new simulator. In most cases, only a single set of scripts will need to be maintained in order to run simulations against multiple simulation vendors when using SimSwapper.

SimSwapper also simplifies the complexities associated with the different simulator phases supported by various simulator vendors. Manually editing scripts to account for differences between tools can be complicated because different vendor tools require many options to be passed in during different phases. SimSwapper memorizes the options to be passed to the original simulator and feeds them forward to the appropriate phase tool in the target simulator’s toolchain. SimSwapper generates a log file with warnings about any options passed that aren’t supported by the target simulator.

SimSwapper currently supports Verilog/SystemVerilog simulators including Mentor Graphics’ ModelSim, Cadence’s Incisive, Synopsys VCS, and SynaptiCAD’s SimExtreme simulators. Support for Aldec ActiveHDL/Riviera is planned for the near future. In addition, support for VHDL simulators is currently being added.

More info: SynaptiCAD SimSwapper