National Instruments Debuts NI miniSystems for Students

National Instruments NI miniSystems

National Instruments unveiled the NI miniSystems, which are miniaturized versions of real-world systems (such as roll-chassis dynamometers and electrical smart grids). The new lab platforms were developed in collaboration with educational suppliers to bring relevance to math and science theory as students begin to pursue engineering degrees.

The graphical system design approach helps scientists and engineers be more innovative by giving them a unified language and set of tools. As a result, National Instruments decided to extend the approach into the new education platform so that all students can access the innovations of scientists, engineers and educators from around the globe.

Until now, lab platforms have been too inaccessible for widespread use in a typical classroom and are often disconnected from the professional tools that are actually used in research and industry. Using the integrated hardware and software approach of graphical system design, NI miniSystems eliminate the cost, time and space barriers that limit educators’ abilities to overcome theory-only education by engaging students through hands-on experimentation. NI miniSystems give first-year university or college students a tangible connection between their studies and their future jobs.

NI miniSystems and Academic Tools

  • myGrid by Elenco (Pioneer Release)
    NI miniSystem for Teaching Energy Concepts With NI myDAQ

  • myQuake by Pitsco Education (Pioneer Release)
    NI miniSystem for Teaching Structure Design With NI myDAQ

  • myTemp by Pitsco Education (Pioneer Release)
    NI miniSystem for Teaching Temperature Measurement

  • myVTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) by Pitsco Education (Pioneer Release)
    NI miniSystem for Teaching Flight Control With NI myDAQ

  • NI myDAQ Device
    Portable Measurement and Control Device for Education

  • IX-myDAQ Sensor Adapter by iWorx
    NI myDAQ Accessory for Sensor Measurements in Engineering

  • BNC Probe Adapter by Florida Research Instruments
    NI myDAQ Accessory for Connecting Scope Probes and BNC Cable

  • Protoboard Kit by Sparkfun
    NI myDAQ Accessory for Prototyping

  • Protoboard Kit by Elenco
    NI myDAQ Accessory for Prototyping

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