Avnet Power Forum Features Over 30 Webinars

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas Virtual Power Forum

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas will hold their annual Power Forum next month. The virtual forum will feature over 30 webinars. The technical webcasts offer practical, solutions-based training for design engineers. The virtual event will start at midnight EDT on September 19, 2012. The Avnet Power Forum is free. Registration is open now for the 24-hour event.

The third annual virtual Power Forum includes experts from Bourns, Fairchild Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, Texas Instruments and over 18 other power suppliers. The on-demand webinars will help design engineers with tasks like choosing the right device, decreasing noise, and reducing overall engineering time.

Avnet Power Forum Webinars

  • Wiring Mishaps: A Solution for Handling Data Line Power Cross
  • Designing and Measuring Low Standby Power Supplies with Reduced Part Counts
  • Junction Temperature Calculations for High Voltage MOSFETs
  • Motor Drive Solutions Utilizing Integrated DC Drivers
  • Charging an Embedded Li-Ion Battery: What to Consider beyond the Basic Specs
  • Optimizing the Output Capacitor
  • The Benefits of Using Constant Power Regulation in Solid State LED Lighting
  • The Value of Power Modules
  • Powering Noise Sensitive Circuits
  • Maximizing Design Flexibility with Configurable Power Supplies
  • The Benefits of Digital Control in Power Conversion
  • Understanding Medical Power Supply Classifications and Safety Requirements
  • Choosing the Right Low Iq LDO Linear Voltage Regulator for Your Application
  • Flyback Transformers: Understanding the Key Design Parameters
  • Intelligent Power Modules for Variable Speed Motor Designs
  • MOSFETs or IGBTs? Shedding Some Light on the Classic HV Power Device Dilemma
  • Design or Integration? A Guide to PSU Selection
  • Digital Power Delivers Real World Benefits
  • Achieving Low Noise and Ripple: Filtering and Layout Guidelines for DC/DC Modules
  • Introduction to Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE)
  • Introduction to ThermoElectric Cooler Controllers
  • Circuit Protection for AC/DC Power Supplies
  • EMI/RFI Filtering
  • AC Power Measurement
  • Solid State Battery Chips: Technology Overview and Applications
  • Lithium Ion/Polymer Battery Design Considerations
  • The Benefits of Using Silicon Carbide in High Power Designs
  • A Simplified Distributed Power Architecture Approach
  • Enabling Higher Efficiency/Density Designs in Power Applications with MOSFET Technology

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