National Instruments Announces TestStand 2012 for Automating Tests

NI TestStand 2012 ~ automated test management software from National Instruments

National Instruments launched the latest version of TestStand, which is an automated test management software. NI TestStand 2012 helps engineers increase the flexibility and throughput of their automated test systems. The new modular framework makes test setup easier, expands test and reporting flexibility, and makes it possible for engineers to simultaneously test and report during parallel testing.

NI TestStand 2012 features new asynchronous processing, which improves test system performance. The test management software increases test throughput by immediately testing the next device under test while data collection for the initial DUT happens in a separate thread automatically.

NI TestStand 2012 Features

  • Asynchronous Report Generation and Database Logging
    With asynchronous result processing, engineers can handle results in a separate thread from test execution and continue testing without delay.

  • Create a Compact “Raw Results” File for Offline Result Processing
    Efficiently generate a binary “raw results” file that contains detailed information about test results. This can be converted into a report or database at a later time using the new Offline Results Processing Utility.

  • Customize NI TestStand More Easily With the New Plug-In Architecture
    The NI TestStand process model has been re-architected to decouple common operations like report generation and database logging into process model plug-ins. The modular test architecture helps fully customize things like report generation without editing the process model. Custom plug-ins can also be created to handle common tasks.

  • Generate Multiple Reports or Log to Multiple Databases
    The new plug-in based process model architecture can generate multiple reports or log to multiple databases. Engineers can generate one quick report synchronously for the test operator and a longer, more detailed report asynchronously at the start of testing for the next device. No changes to the process model are necessary.

  • Dynamic Dispatch Support for LabVIEW Classes
    NI TestStand 2012 adds dynamic dispatch support for LabVIEW classes. Engineers can directly call dynamic dispatch VIs in NI TestStand, and it automatically calls the correct implementation of the method. This makes it easier to take advantage of hardware abstraction layers (HALs) implemented using LabVIEW classes.

  • Simultaneously View Parameters for All Calls in a .NET Call Chain
    The .NET invocation control introduced in NI TestStand 2010 allowed engineers to chain .NET function like in regular .NET code. The updated invocation control displays a list of the parameters of each function in the call chain simultaneously.

  • Drag and Drop Code Module Files to Create Steps
    Drag a code module file from Windows Explorer into the Sequence Editor to automatically create and configure a code module step.

  • Password Protect Your Custom Types
    Avoid type conflicts and unwanted type propagation by password protecting custom step and data types to clearly identify which are available for customizations and which are not.

  • Manipulate Arrays and Strings in NI TestStand
    Visually reorder array elements by selecting an element to rearrange and then dragging it to the proper location. Manipulate arrays and strings directly from NI TestStand with new array and string functions supported in NI TestStand expressions.

More info: NI TestStand