Verisurf Software Announces Version 6 of Verisurf X Metrology Software

Verisurf X6 Metrology Software

Verisurf Software rolled out version six of the Verisurf X metrology software. The latest release of Verisurf X includes features that enhance in-process, portable inspection, tool building, CATIA interoperability, and 3D scanning and reverse engineering. Verisurf X6 supports 64-bit Windows 7 and increases productivity for engineers working with very large files.

New Verisurf X6 Features and Enhancements

  • Enhanced Windows 64 bit performance for working with massive 3D scanner point clouds, and very large CAD assemblies
  • New report manager with customizable HTML, Excel, XML, PDF, document encryption, document verification checksum and AS9102 first article inspection report generator
  • New CATIA V5 R22 translation validation support
  • New 3D SPC option for integrated statistical process control of key characteristic inspection measurements
  • New InspectionExpert option for automating the creation of a drawing based AS9102 first article inspection and reporting
  • New metrology device interfaces extending Verisurf’s standard metrology platform leadership

More info: Verisurf Software, Inc.