Cadence Design Systems Publishes Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide

Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide ~ Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems announced a new publication: Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide. The design methodology book provides an overview of the design, verification and implementation methodologies required for advanced mixed-signal designs. The book addresses the complex problems facing the mixed-signal design community. It features mixed-signal design experts from Boeing, Cadence, ClioSoft and Qualcomm. The Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide is intended for chip designers and CAD engineers.

The design methodology book is ideal for design teams looking for improvements in their mixed-signal design flows. For managers, it provides an overview of modern mixed-signal methodologies to make it easier to understand and plan for investment in design capabilities and skills. The guide also helps analog and digital designers value the domains and disciplines of one another and learn about more efficient ways to collaborate, which is critical for the overall success of mixed-signal projects.

The Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide includes a foreword by industry pioneer Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli. The 408-page book will be available soon at and at Amazon.

Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide Topics

  • Mixed-Signal Design Trends and Challenges
  • Overview of Mixed-Signal Design Methodologies
  • AMS Behavioral Modeling
  • Mixed-Signal Verification Methodology
  • A Practical Methodology for Verifying RF Designs
  • Event-Driven Time-Domain Behavioral Modeling of Phase-Locked Loops
  • Verifying Digitally-Assisted Analog Designs
  • Mixed-Signal Physical Implementation Methodology
  • Electrically-Aware Design Methodologies for Advanced Process Nodes
  • IC Package Co-Design for Mixed-Signal Systems
  • Data Management for Mixed-Signal Designs

More info: Mixed-Signal Methodology Guide