Rohde & Schwarz Introduces R&S ESR EMI Test Receiver

R&S ESR EMI test receiver ~ Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz announced their new R&S ESR EMI test receiver. The instrument measures conducted and radiated disturbances with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 7 GHz. It is compliant with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard. The R&S ESR test receiver can take EMI measurements up to 6000 times faster than other solutions. The R&S ESR makes it easy to perform acceptance testing (conducted or radiated) in line with EN/CISPR/FCC on modules, assemblies, household appliances, IT equipment, TVs, and radios. It is also ideal for acceptance testing of mobile applications, and vehicles and accessories.

The R&S ESR test receiver features spectrogram display, realtime spectrum analysis, IF analysis, and intuitive touchscreen interface. There are models with frequencies ranging from 10 Hz to 3 GHz or 7 GHz. The instruments support all commercial standards relevant for test houses and EMC labs used by electrical equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.

The Rohde & Schwarz instrument features time domain scan, which is a FFT-based receiver technology that helps it to perform measurements up to 6000 times faster than other EMI test receivers. Standard-compliant EMC measurements that took hours in the past can now be completed in just seconds. This measurement method is ideal for DUT that can only be operated for short periods for testing, such as in the automotive and lighting industry.

R&S ESR Test Receiver Features

  • EMI test receiver and signal/spectrum analyzer combined in a single instrument
  • Fastest EMI test receiver in the marketplace due to hardware-based FFT calculation
  • Compliant with CISPR 16-1-1 Ed. 3.1
  • Preselection with integrated 20 dB preamplifier
  • Resolution bandwidths in line with CISPR and in decade steps from 10 Hz to 1 MHz (MIL STD-461, DO-160)
  • Ultra-fast time domain scan in addition to conventional stepped frequency scan
  • Realtime spectrum analysis with up to 40 MHz span
  • Seamless detection of disturbance signals
  • Realtime measurement of conducted disturbances with quasi-peak and average weighting
  • Time domain display with high resolution (50 µs)
  • Automatic test sequences with preview measurement, data reduction and final measurement
  • Spectrogram for seamless spectrum display in the time domain
  • Persistence mode (spectral histogram) for clear identification of pulsed and continuous disturbances
  • Frequency mask trigger for precise and reliable detection of sporadic spectral events
  • IF analysis function for displaying the spectrum around disturbance signals
  • Time domain display – integrated oscilloscope function
  • Simultaneous display of up to six traces and four bar graphs
  • Preset antenna factors (transducers) and user-created transducer sets
  • EMI limit line library for commercial standards, with convenient editor
  • Remotely controlled measurements and automated EMI test routines using R&S EMC32 and R&S ES-SCAN application software
  • Extensive analysis capabilities for general laboratory applications
  • Tracking generator for scalar network analysis

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