Synopsys Introduces Virtualizer Development Kits for Renesas Microcontrollers

Synopsys and Renesas teamed together to developed Virtualizer Development Kits. The VDKs for Renesas’ RH850 MCUs are software development tools that integrating functional models of digital hardware. The VDKs help engineers speed software development and system testing for Renesas RH850-based designs. The new VDKs for Renesas’ RH850 MCUs will be available from Synopsys in the fourth quarter of this year.

The VDKs will enable software developers and teams performing system integration and test throughout the automotive supply chain to reduce development cycles and improve product testability and reliability. VDKs supporting the Renesas RH850 will help software developers to start writing and testing code months before hardware availability. In addition, Synopsys’ VDKs will enable rapid deployment of virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop test benches to increase code coverage and enhance fault testing, resulting in shorter development cycles, reduced development costs and higher product reliability.

Renesas’ recently announced 32-bit RH850 MCU family is architected to support single- and multicore configurations that meet the processing requirements of a wide variety of automotive applications such as safety, body and engine control, driver interfaces and infotainment. These applications require designers to debug and validate an increasing amount of software code, often at multiple stages in the system development process.

Virtualizer Development Kits are software development kits that contain design-specific virtual prototypes, debug and analysis tools, and sample software. VDKs are based on virtual prototypes and have no dependency on hardware availability. As a result, they can be created much earlier in the design cycle, up to 12 months before hardware availability. In addition, they interface seamlessly with many embedded software debuggers, providing debug data and control beyond any other simulation and debug target. This enables software developers to start software bring-up much earlier without changing their existing software development environment. Not only is it much easier to start software bring-up in the context of an incrementally expanding virtual prototype, it also enables software developers to identify and communicate potential hardware-software integration issues to the SoC design team in a very iterative way.

Synopsys Virtualizer Development Kits Highlights

  • VDKs optimized for Renesas microcontrollers, including the new RH850 family
  • Enable automotive OEMs and electronics suppliers to quickly implement virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing
  • Accelerate full system integration, test and validation
  • Fast simulation with full system visibility and control
  • Extend code coverage and fault testing to improve reliability of Renesas’ RH850-based electronic control units (ECUs)

More info: Synopsys, Inc.