TI BLE-Stack 1.2 Bluetooth Software Stack Supports Wearable Devices

Texas Instruments introduced their BLE-Stack 1.2 Bluetooth low energy application software. The BLE-Stack 1.2 is based on the Bluetooth v4.0 release. The low energy software Bluetooth stack is ideal for Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices such as wearables. The BLE-Stack 1.2 Bluetooth low energy software stack is available now, royalty-free to users of TI’s CC254x Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip family. The CC2540DK-MINI, CC2540DK and CC2541EMK development kits are available now for $99, $299, and $99, respectively.

BLE-Stack 1.2 includes support for fourteen profiles with associated sample applications for fast development of Bluetooth low energy-compliant sensor devices. TI’s BLE-Stack 1.2 is available royalty-free to all using TI’s CC254x Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

TI’s BLE-Stack 1.2 features an advanced master-slave switch, increased stack configurability, and additional power optimization, which enable the design of low-power, single-chip-based products with Bluetooth Smart capabilities. The TI BLE-Stack’s new master-slave feature enables a CC254x SoC to support both master and slave modes at different times by allowing an application to easily switch between the two modes. For example, a Bluetooth Smart sports watch (peripheral) built with a CC254x can be connected to a Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone (central device). The same sports watch can then switch to central device mode to obtain data from other peripheral devices, such as a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure sensor.

TI BLE-Stack 1.2 Features

  • Royalty-free software available to all using TI’s CC254x Bluetooth low energy SoC
  • Supports fourteen profiles with associated sample applications
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart master and slave topology switch feature
  • Supports Bluetooth low energy central and peripheral configurations, with up to three simultaneous connections
  • Power-optimization in software (8% reduction in average current consumption)
  • Configurable stack saves Flash and RAM memory
  • Support for Serial and USB bootloaders for easy reconfiguration
  • No external microcontroller required
  • GAP central role profile for single-chip central Bluetooth low energy applications
  • Reference design and development kits pre-integrated with TI TPS62730 step down converter, which reduces the current drawn from the battery by as much as 20%
  • (CR2032 coin cell)
  • BTool includes support for multiple connections, encryption, pairing, bonding
  • Bluetooth SIG Certified and interoperability tested
  • Comprehensively tested against TI’s dual-mode Bluetooth solutions for mobile devices [BlueLink 7.0 (BL6450), WiLink 6.0 (WL127x) and WiLink 7.0 (WL128x)]

More info: TI Bluetooth low energy software stack and tools