Paragon Debuts Universal File System Drivers 9.0 Embedded for Smart TV

Paragon Software Group (PSG) introduced UFSD 9.0 Embedded. Paragon Universal File System Drivers 9.0 Embedded ensures the smoothest, fastest, highest-quality playback and recording of HD video content to or from Smart TV devices of any platform. Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded line for Smart TVs includes Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded, Paragon HFS+ 9.0 Embedded and Paragon NTFS Embedded with driver solutions for NTFS / HFS + / exFAT for Linux / Android systems.

Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded is the first technology to ensure complete data security when removing external storage devices from Smart TVs. It is based on the industry’s first and highest-performing Universal File System Driver (UFSD) technology.

Users of embedded systems such as routers, media players, smartphones, tablets or network-attached storage devices want to be free to disable removable media quickly and without having to take further actions — like clicking on the safely remove hardware icon, while also ensuring that the data is safe. In embedded systems there are often no built-in safe removal functions available. Paragon’s solution to this problem is the Standby mode option that allows users, in a matter of seconds, and without any effort, to disconnect the external storage device, at the same time guaranteeing complete data safety.

In addition to data safety, maximum recording speeds are necessary for the ability to transfer HD-quality data to external storage media. To ensure the maximum recording speed, Linux Kernel utilizes deferred or postponed recording, writing and recording multiple changes in a single write operation to a disk or flash drive, which requires much more time than changing the data in RAM. As a result, cached write operations sometimes require more than 30 seconds to get user data to the storage safely. Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded facilitates safe, consistent flushing of all modified structures of the file system and user data to the disk in less than 10 seconds. This enables users to remove their storage media without worrying about file system integrity.

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