GE Intelligent Platforms Launches AXIS v5.1 Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software

GE Intelligent Platforms AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment

GE Intelligent Platforms recently launched version 5.1 of their AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment. GE’s AXIS development environment enables high performance applications to be developed, debugged and delivered in the shortest possible time. The combination of GE’s High Performance Embedded Computing hardware and software provides not only a highly integrated solution, but also one that provides engineers with optimum support.

GE AXIS 5.1 Features

  • Supports Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) based high performance interconnects — including RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) and InfiniBand
  • Improved Linux functionality to deliver a better Linux experience
  • Support for GE’s BCS (Background Condition Screening)
  • Improved Windows capabilities
  • Supports GE’s latest multicore hardware (including the DSP280 multiprocessor DSP platform and the SBC624 and SBC324 6U and 3U OpenVPX single board computers)
  • Support for GE multicore/multithreading hardware platforms based on Power Architecture and NVIDIA CUDA

AXIS consists of three primary modules: AXISView, AXISFlow and AXISLib. AXISView is an integrated graphic user interface for task level application development. AXISFlow provides a high performance interprocessor communication library for low latency, high throughput data movement between tasks across multiple hardware elements. AXISLib includes optimized DSP and math libraries with standard VSIPL APIs targeted at the latest Intel, NVIDIA CUDA and Power Architecture platforms.

AXIS enables fast prototyping. It maximizes the effectiveness of internal research and development (IRAD) efforts. The tool supports the VSIPL open standard API. This means straightforward code portability from one CPU generation to the next, and improved long term cost of ownership. VSIPL++ is also available. The software tool is ideal for developing complex, sophisticated military/aerospace applications — such as digital signal processing (DSP), radar, sonar, SIGINT and sensor processing.

More info: GE AXIS Multiprocessing Software Tools