AWR Design Forum 2012 to Take Place in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

AWR Design Forums (ADF) 2012 will take place in Japan (Friday, July 6th), Korea (Tuesday, July 10th), and Taiwan (Thursday, July 12th). The event is ideal for designers of microwave and RF circuits and systems such as monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), RF printed circuit board (RF PCB) and LTE communication systems. Attendees will learn about AWR latest products and technologies. They can also network and collaborate with each other on industry issues and trends.

ADF 2012 Japan Topics

  • Q Factor Estimation
  • AWR Roadmap
  • Design to Test
  • Antenna Design
  • Wireless Power Transmission
  • RF Link Prediction
  • RF/Microwave Circuit Simulator
  • 3D EM Use Model
  • GaN Amplifier Design
  • CR-8000 PCB Design Flow
  • Switch Non-Linear Model
  • Automated Measurements
  • Q&A and iPad Drawing

ADF 2012 Korea Topics

  • AWR Roadmap
  • Modern Radar Systems
  • µW Circuit/System Class
  • Design to Test Flow
  • Power Amplifier Design
  • 3D EM Use Model
  • PA Fixture Board
  • CR-8000 PCB Design
  • MMIC Oscillator Design
  • Switch Non-Linear Model
  • Q&A and Prize Drawing

ADF 2012 Taiwan Topics

  • AWR Introductions
  • 3D EM Use Model
  • Switch Non-Linear Model
  • 4G RF PA Design
  • Ultra Low Temperature Design
  • Multi-slot Antenna
  • Electrical/Thermal Flip Chip
  • LabVIEW/VSS Co-Sim
  • AWR TECH Roadmap
  • Q&A and Prize Drawing

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