National Instruments to Host Smart Machine Webcast Series

National Instruments UK & Ireland is hosting a series of webinars about smart machine design. The webcasts will present technologies, techniques and tips for optimizing machine monitoring, energy efficiency and smart machine design. The online seminars will discuss how engineers can apply graphical system design techniques to maximize production quality through performance measurements, lower the energy consumption of designs, and differentiate themselves from their competition with key technologies for smart machines. The NI Smart Machine Webcast Series will take place June 26-28th.

The National Instruments Smart Machine Webcasts will be broadcast twice each day, at 10am and 2pm (UK and Ireland time). The webinars will also be available on demand after the series is complete.

NI Smart Machine Webcasts

Machine Monitoring: Maximize Production Quality Through Performance Measurements
Tuesday, June 26th: 10am and 2pm
Manufacturing departments throughout different industry sectors are pressured to increase throughput and lower costs while increasing the quality of goods. Although this ultimately requires better and more efficient machines, a key task for the machine industry is to provide detailed information about the process. Frequently, classical supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions mask some of the high speed, dynamic information vital for process improvement. In this webcast, experience new technologies for machine process monitoring, learn about real-world applications and discover how to gather important information to optimize machine process and identify potential areas for improvement.

Machine Efficiency: A Practical Guide To Lower The Energy Consumption Of Your Design
Wednesday, June 27th: 10am and 2pm
In the face of economic uncertainties and increasing environmental concerns, many businesses today are evaluating ways to make their operations more lean, efficient and environmentally friendly. Examining the electricity bill is a good place to start. The top consumers of electricity are typically the HVAC system and machinery, two motor-based applications. In fact, motor control is responsible for about two-thirds of the total electrical energy consumption in a typical industrial facility. The fundamental purpose of any electric motor is to convert electrical power into mechanical energy. How efficient this transfer happens depends on different technical aspects and is influenced by the control system, the drive, the motor, the mechanicals system and also the machine process. In this webcast, learn about key focus areas for lean and efficient machine design.

Smart Machines: Key Technologies To Get Ahead Of The Competition
Thursday, June 28th: 10am and 2pm
Designing a high-performance machine is a challenging task; however, designing a machine that can adapt to changing conditions and the wear and tear of the machine itself is significantly more challenging. If machine builders want to achieve lights-out automation, a dream that has been around for decades, adaptive self-healing machines are an evolutionary step that needs to happen. With the proliferation of sensors, high-level design tools and powerful embedded control systems, all the necessary components and tools to build smart machines are becoming available. In this webcast, learn about new technologies for building smart machines and how to use them to optimize machine design.

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