Vector Fabrics Launches Pareon Development Tool

Vector Fabrics Pareon development tool screenshot

Vector Fabrics introduced the Pareon development tool. Pareon helps developers by optimizing applications for multicore systems in hours or days instead of weeks or months. With the new Vector Fabrics tool, speed-ups of 1.7x on dual-core and 3.5x on quad-core processors are typical. Pareon will be available on June 18th. Prices start at $1900 for a single-user license. Note: a fully functioning 15-day evaluation copy can be downloaded.

Pareon features an analysis engine that eliminates hard-to-find and hard-to-reproduce threading bugs. In addition, its hardware modelling engine prevents the developer from writing code that introduces performance bottlenecks or even causes slowdowns.

Vector Fabrics works closely with the processor vendors to develop models for their multicore hardware. Pareon then runs a user’s application on the model, allowing it to provide key insight (such as the effects of cache hit/miss rates or memory bottlenecks on parallel application performance).

Pareon combines the features of Vector Fabrics’ previous vfEmbedded and vfThreaded-X86 parallelization tools into one product. In addition, Pareon offers over 50 new features, including bus and shared cache contention modelling, support for C/C++, ARM Neon, and recognizing many more parallel code patterns. Whereas Vector Fabrics’ previous tools were cloud-based and ran in the user’s web browser, Pareon runs locally on a workstation, integrating more closely with typical development workflows that include complex build mechanisms, and targets large applications that rely heavily on calling routines inside binary libraries.

Pareon Highlights

  • Optimizes software for smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics
  • Supports C and C++ programs and binary libraries
  • Analyzes and optimizes large applications with millions of lines of code
  • Optimizes apps for ARM-based or x86 multicore systems
  • Swiftly guides the developer to optimizing his application for multicore
  • Correct-by-construction approach avoids hard-to-fix bugs
  • Runs on local workstation, not in the cloud
  • Supports large applications and complex build systems
  • Analyzes applications that use binary libraries
  • Includes 50+ new features and improvements

More info: Vector Fabrics Pareon