Atego Rolls Out Artisan Studio v7.4 Model-driven Development Tool

Artisan Studiov 7.4 model-driven development tool

Atego introduced version 7.4 of Artisan Studio model-driven development tool. Artisan Studio 7.4 features systems simulation and enhanced functionality for mission- and safety-critical systems and software development. Its simulation significantly improves communication between systems engineering and all stakeholders for verifying system designs.

Artisan Studio 7.4 includes an optional add-on called Artisan Studio SySim, which enables embedded system engineers to find problems earlier in the design cycle when they are much cheaper to fix. Artisan Studio SySim augments OMG SysML models, making them executable, testable and verifiable. The tool helps systems engineers to visualize multi-scenario, complex system behavior and combines different execution engines. This first release of Artisan Studio SySim simulates and co-simulates behavior designs in Artisan Studio SysML, Atego Structured Action Language, VB.NET and Simulink.

Artisan Studio v7.4 also features extensions to its IDL3/IDL3+ modeling and generation, model explorer auto-bookmarks, and user interface enhancements for model versioning and the automation API. With Artisan Studio 7.4, engineers can now also reconcile sibling sandboxes, refactor state machines and difference the same package used in different models. In addition, the Artisan Studio Publisher now provides HTML package browser export.

Artisan Studio 7.4 Features

  • Supports OMG UML, SysML and Architectural Frameworks in a single integrated tool suite
  • System-level simulation, verification and testing with the new Add-in Artisan Studio SySim
  • Updated IDL Profile and new IDL3/IDL3+ generators to generate either module-specific or multiple item-specific IDL files
  • Various Publisher updates like a template to generate HTML in a similar structure like the Package Browser in Artisan Studio
  • Automatic conversion of sequential into submachine states
  • Artisan Studio’s repository-internal CM now supports reconciling between sibling sand-boxes
  • Various enhancements to the Automation Interface for handling open diagrams and for automatic diffs of models and packages

More info: Artisan Studio 7.4