Corelis Introduces ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite v7.7

Corelis launched version 7.7 of their ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite. The latest version of the tool suite features improved constraints handling, support for multi-core devices, and new JTAG Embedded Test support for additional Freescale and Texas Instruments processors. ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite, version 7.7 is available now to customers with a valid maintenance contract.

ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tool Suite v7.7 Features

  • Separate global and local constraint entry within the ScanExpress TPG preparation GUI
  • Inverted transparency model support along with a new constraint to identify inverted nets
  • Ability to associate multiple BSDL files to a single JTAG device
  • FlexNet network licensing for ScanExpress JET
  • NAND Flash bad block management support in ScanExpress JET
  • JET support for Freescale i.MX35 and Texas Instruments AM18x processors
  • MSP430F5xxx programming support
  • Optimization of STAPL file execution for improved throughput

More info: Corelis, Inc.