HiPer Simulation A/MS Features Tools from Tanner EDA, Aldec

Tanner EDA and Aldec teamed together on HiPer Simulation A/MS, which is an integrated co-simulation solution for analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) design. HiPer Simulation A/MS includes Tanner EDA’s T-Spice analog design capture and simulation tool, and Aldec’s Riviera-PRO mixed language digital simulator. The integrated solution helps both analog and digital designers to seamlessly resolve A/MS verification problems from one cohesive, integrated platform. HiPer Simulation A/MS is available on both Windows and Linux.

HiPer Simulation A/MS is a cohesive, integrated Mixed-Signal Design flow. The new tool suite is based on mature, industry proven products. It includes Tanner EDA’s design entry and simulation tool suite for analog design (S-Edit for schematic capture, T-Spice for circuit simulation (with Verilog-A modeling), and W-Edit for waveform probing) and Riviera-PRO (TE) – the Tanner Edition of mixed VHDL and Verilog simulation from Aldec. The Tanner EDA HiPer Simulation A/MS offering is a highly productive and practical A/MS tool suite that bridges the cross-over points between analog and digital design.

HiPer Simulation A/MS helps eliminate co-simulation complexities by automatically recognizing the analog and digital portions of a design. This enables designers to easily verify interfaces between analog and digital blocks. The integrated solution provides accurate, high-performance co-simulation that helps engineers to verify the most complex A/MS designs with ease and confidence, and within budget.

Creating and verifying A/MS integrated circuits is a challenge. Spice-based simulation provides the accuracy needed for the analog design, but is too slow to handle the digital part. Event-driven digital simulation provides the necessary speed to simulate the digital portions, but fails when dealing with the analog parts. As A/MS designs grow in complexity and business pressures force design teams to shorten time to market and reduce re-spins, a new solution for mixed analog and digital co-simulation, with a robust feature set and an affordable price, is needed.

More info: Tanner EDA | Aldec, Inc.