EVE Introduces e-zTest 10GbE Validation Platform for ZeBu

EVE introduced e-zTest 10GbE, which is a 10-Gigabit Ethernet validation platform for their ZeBu (Zero Bugs) family of system-on-chip (SoC) hardware-assisted verification platforms. The e-zTest 10GbE software is a transaction-based environment for high-speed validation of 10GbE functions in network routers, switches and controllers, and SoC application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) containing 10GbE ports.

EVE e-zTest 10GbE Highlights

  • Supports half- and full-duplex modes, variable frame lengths and inter-frame gap modeling
  • Application programming interfaces enable easy integration with user testbenches, commercial Ethernet test generation and protocol analysis applications
  • Frame monitoring and capture environment
  • Supports exporting frames in Packet Capture (PCAP) format
  • Compatible with the open source Wireshark toolkit for network packet analysis
  • PCAP files support Ethernet frame generators such as packETH and Tcpreplay
  • Stimulates the design under test (DUT) deterministically using captured network traffic

EVE provides accelerated SoC transaction-based verification for hardware and software developers who access ZeBu as a network resource to leading semiconductor, communications, video, and portable and stationary consumer product companies. ZeBu provides a library of off-the-shelf, synthesizable emulation virtual components to debug GbE, 10GbE, PCIe, USB, video/HDMI, I2C, I2S and AMBA protocols and integration with virtual platform development environments for pre-silicon software development. EVE’s ZEMI-3 product generates custom, synthesizable transactors for user custom protocols.

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