ASSET InterTech Debuts Board Bring-up Solution for Intel Haswell Microarchitecture

ASSET InterTech announced new tools to structurally verify, functionally test, analyze performance margins and debug boards based on the Intel microarchitecture codenamed Haswell. ScanWorks board bring-up will be available in the second quarter of this year. Pricing for a base level ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments starts at $12,000.

The new ASSET ScanWorks tools for embedded instruments, design engineers accelerate the new product introduction cycle by offering a single user interface for correlating the root causes of design issues. The ScanWorks board bring-up solution is a seamless framework for tracing the root cause of prototype defects. It consists of boundary-scan, high-speed I/O and processor-controlled debug and test technologies.

Board bring-up is a process whereby prototype circuit boards are iteratively tested, validated and debugged in preparation for volume manufacturing. The iterative prototype spins can take months to years. Because it integrates a suite of software-based tools in one environment, the ScanWorks platform’s board bring-up solution can reduce the number of spins of a design and decrease each board spin cycle.

The new ScanWorks tools provide a software-based, cost-effective platform for board troubleshooting at all stages of prototype bring-up. ScanWorks boundary-scan test verifies the structural integrity of the circuit board assembly. ScanWorks processor-controlled debug and test reads all registers, memory and I/O of the platform for hardware, firmware and software troubleshooting. ScanWorks HSIO validates the signal integrity on the high-speed memory and I/O buses on the design.

More info: ASSET InterTech