Rigol Technologies Introduces DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer

Rigol Technologies DSA815 spectrum analyzer

Rigol Technologies launched their DSA815 spectrum analyzer. The DSA815 features all-digital IF technology, highly precise amplitude readings, frequency range of 9kHz to 1.5 GHz, compact design and easy-to-use interface. The DSA815 is easy to use and highly reliable. The Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyzer is available now. Prices start at $1,295. It is ideal for demanding benchtop or field applications in RF and wireless testing and production.

The Rigol DSA815 spectrum analyzer has a typical displayed average noise level (DANL) of -135 dBm, offset phase noise of -80 dBc/Hz @10 kHz and a total amplitude uncertainty of less than 1.5 dB. The DSA815 spectrum analyzer includes a wide range of standard functions and optional enhancements. These include AM/FM demodulation, preamplifier, EMI filter and quasi-peak detector kit and a 1.5 GHz tracking generator.

Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer Specs

  • Frequency range: 9kHz – 1.5GHz
  • DANL: -135dBm, typical
  • Phase noise: -80dBc/Hz @10kHz offset, typical
  • Total amplitude accuracy: <1.5dB
  • Minimum RBW: 100Hz
  • Interfaces: USB host and device, LAN, GPIB (optional), VGA output, 10 MHz REF In, 10 MHz REF Out, External Trigger In
  • Trigger source: free run, video, external
  • External trigger level: 5 V TTL level

More info: Rigol Technologies, Inc