Tanner EDA and SoftMEMS Host MEMS Co-Design Webinar

Tanner EDA and SoftMEMS are hosting a webinar about eliminating bottlenecks in MEMS-IC co-design. The online seminar will take place April 10th at 8:30am Pacific time (11:30am Eastern time). The webcast will feature a presentation, demonstration, and live Q&A session. Tanner EDA provide tools for the design, layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and MEMS devices. SoftMEMS provides the CAD design environment used for the development and test of MEMS products.

The MEMS Co-Design webinar will present how MEMS CAD tools from SoftMEMS coupled with standard analog and digital design tools from Tanner EDA can be used for the co-design of MEMS devices, their associated electronics and packaging in commercial MEMS systems. Examples will be given of important co-design issues such as how to visualize MEMS devices in 3D from mask layout and fabrication step descriptions, how to co-simulate electronics and MEMS to calculate system timing, and how to model and evaluate the thermal, mechanical and electrical performance of new packaging concepts.

MEMS Co-Design Webinar Topics

  • Creation of 3D models of devices from Tanner EDA’s L-Edit layout for virtual prototyping
  • Creation of MEMS-specific layouts using SoftMEMS extensions to L-Edit
  • Links to 3D FEM/BEM simulators – such as ANSYS, COMSOL, Oefelie
  • Simulation of MEMS/electronics using T-Spice with SPICE, Verilog-A and C-code
  • Modeling of packaging effects on MEMS sensors
  • MEMS-specific design rule checking

More info: Tanner EDA MEMS Co-Design Webinar