Avnet Embedded Announces Solid State Drive Virtual Summit

Avnet Embedded and 13 SSD vendors will host a free, two-day virtual summit. The Solid State Drive Virtual Summit will cover the rugged, durable, energy efficient benefits of SSDs. The online event will feature technical webinars, live chats, and presentations. Avnet’s virtual summit will take place April 3rd and 4th. Vendors include Adaptec by PMC, Dell OEM, Hitachi GST, Intel, LSI Corp., Kingston, Micron Technology, OCZ Technology, Rorke Data (an Avnet Company), Smart Storage Technology, Seagate, STEC and Toshiba.

Technical Webinars

  • Optimizations in the data path: how SSDs and cloud computing change the IO adapter benchmark
  • Front Accessible, Hot-Plug PCIe Connected SSDs — Industry Trends and Dell’s New 12G Products
  • Solid State Drives for Enterprise Data Center Environments
  • The Growth Opportunity with Intel Solid-State Drives
  • Delivering The Promise of Reliable Performance Storage
  • One Size Does Not Fit All — How to leverage the different implementations of Solid-State Storage
  • Realizing the True Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with an SSD
  • How to Transition to SSDs in Your Infrastructure
  • The Best Application Fit for SATA, SAS, and PCI-E SDDs
  • Data Security and Integrity with SDDs
  • Solid State Disks: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Issues
  • Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA)
  • SATA Solutions: Tier 1 SSD Storage for Datacenters, Cloud, Web-serving, and Data Warehousing Deployments
  • Leading-Edge SAS Solutions: Mixed-workload Power Houses Delivering Application Performance Improvements for the Enterprise
  • PCI Express Implementation and Solutions
  • Incorporating SSD into Your Storage Solution Development
  • How to get the most out of your SAS storage infrastructure
  • Why Your CIO Cares about How Consistently your SSDs Perform
  • How to Pick the Right SSD for the Job
  • Solid State Storage for the Masses — it’s about time
  • Optimus — Optimus SSDs use SMART’s Guardian technology to enable MLC flash in demanding enterprise applications
  • SMART Storage Systems Corporate Background, Product Brief and Technology Overview
  • XceedIOPS2 — SMART’s XceedIOP2 SATA SSD Replace SLC-based Drives at a Fraction of the Cost
  • XceedStor 500S — SMART’s XceedStor 500S SSDs provide enterprise-grade features and reliability for extremely cost-sensitive applications
  • Defense/Industrial — SMART’s Battle Proven and Ruggedized SSDs for Defense and Industrial Applications
  • Who’s the Real Leader in Enterprise SSDs?
  • Making an SSD Last in a Demanding Enterprise Environment
  • Flash Has No Brain
  • Using High-End SSDs to Save Money in Server Deployments
  • Accelerating Access to Data — PCIe as a New Server Paradigm
  • Solving Embedded System Designers’ Storage Problems
  • Data Center Managers: Beware the Consumer SSD Trap
  • Enterprise SSD Overview
  • Client SSD Overview
  • Enterprise and Client SSD roles and attributes
  • Tiered Storage — Enterprise Class HDDs and SSDs
  • Contrasting Client Class HDDs and SSDs

Register: Solid State Drive Virtual Summit

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