Docea Power Launches AceThermalModeler for Thermal Modeling

Docea Power introduced their AceThermalModeler (ATM) software. ATM is an easy to use tool for generating thermal models of System on Chips (SoCs), 3D ICs, Systems in Package (SiPs) or complete boards. With AceThermalModeler, system architects can perform both thermal steady state or coupled power and thermal analysis for dynamic application profiles running on different architecture configurations.

AceThermalModeler improves productivity by bridging the gap between thermal experts and the system architecture teams. With ATM, thermal experts can give system architects a solution that generates RC compact thermal models that are fast to create and simulate. The system architecture team can then work autonomously to estimate various corner use cases, floorplans, architecture options for multi-core designs, operating points or power management policies impact on temperature across the system.

Compact thermal models enable early system floorplan exploration or partitioning, new system packaging and integration architectures, and early exploration of power management policies to reduce temperature’s peaks, and manage temperature gradients across the system.

More info: Docea Power