Mentor Graphics Introduces Version 9.4 of PADS PCB Design Tools

Mentor Graphics rolled out version 9.4 of their PADS PCB design tools. PADS v9.4 release provides engineers with the critical technologies required for today’s complex PCB designs. The completely integrated and scalable PADS 9.4 flow addresses high-speed, thermal, manufacturing prep, signal and power integrity, and FPGA to PCB optimizations. The PADS 9.4 software includes new associated nets functionality, which reduces design time and helps designers easily define high-speed associated nets, assign constraints, and be assured that they will be routed to those rules.

A key feature of PADS v9.4 is the ability to associate nets necessary for DDRx interconnect design. Multiple nets can now be grouped and given unique high-speed constraints including length and differential pair rules. Associated nets adhere to these rules during interactive and automatic routing assuring that tight, high-speed performance specifications are met.

Another new feature of Mentor Graphics’ PCB design tool allows a trace to hug an existing obstacle like another trace or board outline. This feature will reduce routing time and more effectively use board space. Drafting operations have also been enhanced with new 2D line styles and snap capabilities.

PADS v9.4 adds unique DFM analysis functionality to the PCB design space. This gives designers the ability to perform over 100 fabrication and assembly checks in PADS Layout. This analysis is based on the Valor technology, the industry leader in fabrication and assembly DFM analysis.

Complimenting ODB++ intelligent data transfer from design into manufacturing, the new ODB++ viewer provides the ability to overlay and compare traditional CAM documents, such as Gerber files for PCB design-through-manufacturing data integrity. Detecting and correcting manufacturing issues early in the design process helps decrease overall time to market by reducing design/manufacturing re-spins. With the scalable PADS 9.4 flow, engineers and designers can cost-effectively design the industry’s most complex, highest performance, and densest PCBs.

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