National Instruments Reveals Embedded Systems Outlook for 2012

National Instruments shared their 2012 Embedded Systems Outlook report. The report outlines National Instruments’ conclusions about the direction of the embedded systems market. The NI Embedded Systems Outlook lists technology and business-level trends that impact the development of next-generation embedded systems. The report provides information for a range of demanding embedded control and monitoring applications within industries such as energy, industrial control, life sciences and transportation.

2012 NI Embedded Systems Outlook

Embedded Platforms
An ever-increasing number of design starts and escalating complexity are forcing embedded design teams to be more efficient. To address the embedded design market needs and help teams get to market faster, technology providers are developing components, modules, or even complete embedded platforms with higher levels of integration and increased functionality.

Reconfigurable Computing
In the past, the decision to use a low-cost microcontroller or a higher performance CPU was fairly straightforward and based on the expected performance needs of the embedded system. As control and monitoring systems evolve to become more feature rich, additional embedded processing and programmable logic is becoming commonplace.

Mobile Devices and the Cloud
Over the past four years, the right combination of technology and innovation has transformed the smartphone from a business tool to a highly functional and accessible mobile computer. Design teams must consider industry trends and make important platform decisions before extending their embedded systems to mobile devices.

Innovating with Smaller Teams
When searching for new sources of innovation, businesses must go beyond the walls of traditional R&D departments and decade-old engineering practices. Smaller, more agile competitors are emerging around the world and are proving that innovation can happen just as fast, if not faster, in smaller design teams.

Future Proofing Through Software
The capabilities of performance and communication at a low cost are exploding but so are customer expectations for data visibility, connectivity, and performance. In addition, for most embedded systems, the expectations for longevity of design and service life remain well over a decade. To address these constraints, many successful embedded developers have adopted a software-first philosophy for upgrading products over time.

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