Microchip PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit

element14, Microchip and Matrix teamed together to create the PIC18 Flowcode Developers Kit. The PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit is designed to provide developers a hands-on approach for learning Flowcode 4, which is an advanced graphical programming language for microcontrollers. The development kit features the PIC18F26J50-EVK Board, USB cable, a lite version of Flowcode 4, and CD-ROM. The PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit is available for $38.22.

Microchip PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Development Kit

The PIC18 Flowcode Developers Kit is based on the Microchip PIC18F26J50 microcontroller, and integrates temperature sensor, capacitor touch sensor and potentiometer to help developers verify their programs designed with Flowcode 4. Flowcode supports code generation for the PIC series (PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, and dsPIC) of microcontrollers. The graphical programming language enables those with little-to-no programming experience to create complex electronic systems in minutes.

The PIC18F26J50 EVK Flowcode Developers Kit is a low cost, full-feature solution designed to help developers realize designs in working hardware. The kit is optimized for Flowcode development, has several expansion options, can be used as a black box and is mounted with a PIC 18 device that is low power, but high performance.

The professional edition of Flowcode 4 includes drivers for a wide range of subsystems like LCDs, keypads, 7-segment displays, ADC, and PWM, as well as communication protocols including I2C, SPI, RS-232, Zigbee, TCP/IP, etc. Flowcode is compatible with Microchips PICkit programmer and third party programmers. It is also compatible with the HI-TECH C compiler.

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