Texas Instruments ZigBee RF4CE Remote Control Solution

Texas Instruments rolled out a new version of their ZigBee RF4CE remote control solution. The latest version supports the upcoming ZigBee Input Device (ZID) profile, which enables mouse-like pointing functionality, keyboard and gesture- and touch-based input controls for consumer electronics like TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles. TI’s ZigBee RF4CE solution includes the royalty-free RemoTI 1.3 protocol stack with sample application software, an ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified nano USB module, and an associated Advanced Remote Control development kit.

Texas Instruments (TI) ZigBee RF4CE remote control solution

The TI ZigBee RF4CE remote control solution enables design of advanced remote control devices for more intuitive and enjoyable remote control user experiences. With TI’s ZigBee RF4CE ZID (ZigBee Input Device) profile based solution, manufacturers can deliver remote controls with mouse-like pointing and keyboard functionality, as well as gesture- and touch-based input controls, for applications such as TVs, set-top boxes and game consoles.

TI ZigBee RF4CE Remote Control Solutions Features

  • ZigBee RF4CE RemoTI 1.3 protocol stack with ZID profile-suppor
  • Non-line-of-sight operation and two-way wireless communications
  • Pointing mouse functionality: Reference design with six-axis motion sensing
  • Motion and gesture control functionality
  • RemoTI 1.3 and advanced remote kit include support for Movea SmartMotion firmware
  • Complete set of sample applications for target and controller nodes
  • PC-based tools for development and test
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility with TI’s Bluetooth low energy CC254x SoC
  • Easy addition of ZigBee RF4CE ZID capabilities to devices with USB ports
  • Production-ready CC2531 nano USB module and reference design
  • ETSI-compliant and FCC-certified
  • Very small size: Only 9.5 mm x 16.6 mm
  • Enables single-chip remote controls to be built with low power, high reliability and low cost
  • Best-in-class coexistence with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology and other 2.4 GHz devices
  • Proven CC253x family of 802.15.4 RF-IC radios

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