Real Intent Releases Meridian Clock Domain Crossing v4.0

Real Intent rolled out version four of their Meridian Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) verification software. The CDC verification tool can be used to achieve complete CDC sign-off for large and complex SoC designs from RTL to gate. The latest version includes improvements that make it the only software solution that enables complete CDC sign-off for over 100M gate SoC designs. Meridian CDC v4.0 is available now.

The first critical step in achieving accurate CDC analysis is setting up and signing off on the correct design environment. Meridian CDC 4.0 makes this process easy with added functionalities — such as better SDC and object access commands handling, early feedback on setup analysis results, and providing additional debugging information to facilitate design environment set up and sign-off.

Compared to the previous version, Meridian CDC 4.0 improves its runtime performance by up to 5X on structural analysis, formal analysis, and design uploading and debugging with its GUI. The memory footprint of Meridian CDC 4.0 has been reduced so that CDC analysis can be performed on 100+M gate SoC designs in a few hours using today’s computing resources. Meridian CDC 4.0 adds data and clock glitch checking for netlist designs, enabling true structural CDC sign-off at the top level of the design from RTL to gate.

Meridian CDC 4.0 comes with enhancements to ease debugging, and provides coverage information during simulation. Other improvements include a new filtering and waiving capability, seamless compilation between Meridian CDC and its debugging environment SpringSoft Verdi, and a utility to assist with parameter configuration.

More info: Real Intent