Ace Thought Multi-threaded Software Video Decoder Suite for ARM Cortex-A Processors

Ace Thought Technologies announced a multi-threaded software video decoder suite for ARM Cortex-A series of application processors. The multi-threaded video decoding suite enables high quality video solutions with HD resolution on Android smart-phones and tablets and on Apple iPhone and iPad devices. The scalable design of video decoder supports single, dual and quad-core application processors in a single library. Ace Thought Technologies’ video decoder suite is now available for licensing.

Ace Thought Technologies’ multi-threaded decoder suite supports video decoding of H.264 (AVC) Baseline, Main and High Profile, VC-1 Simple, Main and Advance Profile, MPEG-4 Simple and Advanced Simple Profile, H.263 and MPEG-2 video compression standards. The H.264 High Profile video decoding capabilities in the video decoder suite enables mobile and tablet users with life like, high definition video at much lower bandwidths. It offers high performance and reduced power consumption.

The multi-threaded software video decoder suite is engineered for high-resolution media applications. It offers developers tuned, optimized and threaded software based video decoding. The video decoder suite provides scalable performance by utilizing ARM NEON and MPCore multi-core processor technologies. Ace Thought’s video decoder suite enables single, dual or quad core decoding algorithm based upon the number of cores in the application processor. The video decoder suite enables upto 30 frames per second (fps) playback of 720p high definition resolution on dual-core and 1080p full high definition resolution on quad-core ARM Cortex A series processors.

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