AWR High-Frequency Design Seminars

AWR Corporation, National Instruments and ICON Design Automation will conduct three seminars on high-frequency design. The seminars will include application centric talks and demonstration of AWR’s 2011 software platform, including Microwave Office high-frequency circuit design software, AXIEM 3D planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software, and Visual System Simulator (VSS) system simulation software. The seminars will take January 17, 18 and 19, 2012 in India.

AWR Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to AWR Design Flow and New Features for V10
    This presentation gives a brief overview of AWR’s unique integrated design flow and previews features of the new V10 release of the AWR Design Environment. It examines how the new release helps users to improve design accuracy, increase their own productivity and therefore reduce time to market.

  • Design and Simulation of Modern Radar Systems
    Modern Radar system analysis needs to account for both the performance of the electronic system as well as modeling the target in its environment. Many modulation types are available to the Radar system designer such as short pulse, long pulse, ICWFM, short and long pulse Chirp. Each modulation type is associated with different Radar modes, for example short range target tracking, track while scan, target illumination, etc. This presentation will outline the use of AWR’s Visual System Simulator and its newly released Radar Library with demonstration examples that will include Radar signal generation, Target, RCS and clutter modeling as well as signal processing appropriate to these diverse Radar modes.

  • Advances in MMIC Design with AWR Microwave Office
    This presentation will discuss the common issues faced in GaAs and GaN MMIC design and how AWR’s unique Unified Data Model can be used to streamline MMIC design flow. With the help of examples, this presentation will look at AWR’s unique EM EXTRACT capability, EM Yield Analysis, DRC/LVS and new functionality in the latest version of AXIEM EM simulator. The presentation also previews AWR’s new and unique Shape Pre-Processor and Thermal Analysis which are new in V10 of Microwave Office.

  • Efficient Use of EM Simulators in RF and Microwave Design
    The range of EM simulation tools available to the modern RF Microwave designer can be daunting to the inexperienced engineer and selecting the best simulator for a particular task is not always obvious even for experienced designers. Design tasks may range from analysing simple structures for matching circuits, which may exhibit non-microstrip modes of propagation through highly complex planar structures used for filter designs to 3D machined structures such as waveguide transitions. Along with simulation, the requirement to optimize the structures poses its own challenges. This presentation describes modern 2D, 3D Planar and full 3D EM simulation tools integrated in the AWR Design Environment and their efficient use.

  • Using Visual System Simulator for Upfront System Analysis
    Designers face daunting challenges to design complex communication systems and integrate several components to realize the system as a whole and meet the performance goals. This presentation describes how the latest release of VSS technology provides engineers with the ability to choose the optimum system architecture as well as formulate suitable specifications for each of the underlying components in communications designs. Whether the ultimate application is a wireless base station or mobile device, radar system, or surveillance receiver, an efficient design flow can identify and resolve potential difficulties — before they become show stoppers.

  • Hardware-in-Loop Testing for RF Design with NI and AWR
    This session will introduce the concept of using Hardware in the Loop testing for RF design using tools from NI and AWR. Engineers will learn how to optimize RF designs and V&V processes to reduce design process and deployment cycles with these tools.

  • Doherty Power Amplifier Design Using NXP LDMOS in Microwave Office
    This presentation covers design and implementation of a Doherty Power Amplifier in Microwave Office. The presentation look at a Digital Predistorter implemented in Visual System Simulator and its simulation with the circuit model.

Dates and locations: Ahmedabad (January 17) | Hyderabad (January 18) | Bangalore (January 19)